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Back Pain Treatment in Birmingham, AL

If You Are Suffering from Back Pain, Our Experienced Doctors at Southeast Medical Group Provide Relief You Need. Our Pain Management Clinic is Conveniently Located at 1930 Edwards Lake Road #138 Birmingham, AL 35235. Please Give Us a Call at (205) 236-5388 or Request an Appointment Online.

Back Pain Treatment in Birmingham, AL

Chronic back pain preventing you from getting the most out of life? See the board-certified doctors at Southeast Medical Group Pain Management Clinic for diagnosis and treatment today! Don’t suffer from another day of constant back pain and let our pain management specialists pinpoint the causes and help you manage this condition. Since every cause of chronic pain is unique, our doctors will work with you one on one to customize a treatment plan that will work for you.

What causes chronic back pain?

When you experience acute pain from a sprain or fracture, the pain receptors in your nerves send pain signals to your brain to indicate something is possibly wrong. This pain goes away from the area of the body when it has healed. With chronic pain, those pain nerves are always sending signals to your brain even if you are not injured in that area. This pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, including sprains or illness. Sometimes, it may be impossible to figure out what the exact cause of a patient’s chronic pain.

Which treatment plan will work for me?

There is no one single method of treating chronic back pain. Chronic back pain in many cases, cannot be cured. However, our doctors will work with you to help reduce the pain you are experiencing and help your management of it. When you meet with our physicians, we’ll go over the type of pain you are having, the location, how often it occurs, and how sharp or dull pain you are having. This pain history combined with your medical history will help us customize a treatment plan for you. Your treatment plan can include medication, electrical shock stimulation treatment, behavioral modification therapy, as well as physical therapy exercises. Some treatment methods work better than others with some people, so we will constantly refine your treatment plan until you are satisfied with it. We are constantly updating our techniques and using new science back methods of chronic back pain management. If you’ve visited other doctors without success, then you need to visit our specialists. We employ some of the most advanced methods of chronic pain management in the Birmingham, AL area!

Southeast Medical Group is located at 1930 Edwards Lake Road #138 Birmingham, AL 35235. We are just north of the I-459 and Route 11 interchange and just east of the I-459 and I-59 interchange. There is plenty of parking in the lot just outside of our location that we share with other businesses. We are across the street from a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center. Our medical clinic accepts most major insurance. Our facility is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We are available by appointment only on Saturday and Sunday. Do you have a question about our services or would like to make an appointment with our chronic back pain specialists? Call our friendly staff today at 205-236-5388!

We look forward to meeting you and helping you manage your chronic back pain. Don’t suffer another day with it and visit our doctors today!

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