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Chronic Pain Treatment in Birmingham, AL

Southeast Medical Group Provides Chronic Pain Treatment Plans That Suit Your Specific Needs. Our Doctors and Physicians Are Always Here to Help You. Southeast Medical Group Pain Management Clinic is Located at 1930 Edwards Lake Road #138 Birmingham, AL 35235. Please Call Us at (205) 236-5388 or Make an Appointment Online.

Chronic Pain Treatment in Birmingham, AL

Chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting your quality of life and your ability to take care of yourself. At Southeast Medical Group, our board-certified doctors have a variety of pain management methods available to help you treat your chronic pain. Visit our facility today and talk to our specialists one on one, so we can narrow down the causes of your chronic pain. Working together, we’ll come up with a plan to help you improve your quality of life and do more everyday activities than you are doing now.

How do you define chronic pain?

If you have any pain that lasts more than 12 weeks, chances are you are suffering from chronic pain. Typically, you only experience pain when you have a possible injury. Your pain receptors in your nerves send signals to your brain to alert you that something is wrong. With chronic pain, these nerve receptors are always sending messages to your brain even when no injury is there. This condition can persist for months or even longer.

Many things may lead to chronic pain. These causes can include sprains, strains, fractures, or even an illness. Sometimes there is no clear reason why someone is suffering from chronic pain, which can be even more frustrating for a person. Constant chronic pain can spur other symptoms, such as mood changes, decreased appetite, fatigue, and trouble sleeping. Chronic pain can affect someone’s stamina and strength. It can slowly decrease their physical flexibility, making everyday activities difficult and other enjoyable activities impossible. The lowering of their quality of life can lead to depression.

How do you diagnose chronic pain?

There is no test that can easily measure and locate your chronic pain. Each patient’s chronic pain is unique and requires a doctor who specializes in this area to figure out what exactly is going on. Our doctors at the Southeast Medical Group Pain Management Clinic are highly experienced in investigating the causes of chronic pain. They work with patients one on one to help determine the cause of their chronic pain. They take notes regarding the type of pain (sharp or dull), how constant the pain is, and when it aches or burns. These telltale clues help our doctors narrow down the causes, so they can formulate a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. This pain history evaluation is vital to a treatment plan.

Since chronic pain is unique to each person and may be located in almost any part of the body, there is no one treatment plan that can be applied universally to every person with chronic pain. Each treatment plan is customized for the patient and often includes that patient’s loved ones to maximize its effectiveness.

How do you treat chronic pain?

Chronic pain cannot be cured. The goal of our clinic is to help reduce the pain and improve your quality of life by allowing you to resume normal activities. There are many ways to treat chronic pain. Unfortunately, these treatment plans work very well with some people and hardly at all with others. You will work with our doctors until we find the best treatment plan for you.

At our facility, we have several ways to treat your chronic pain including electrical stimulation and medication. We also offer a variety of relaxation therapies and behavior modification plans if you prefer less invasive methods of treatment. Consult with our doctors to find the best treatment plan for you.

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